Why freeAIR?

Many ask us why is freeAIR photo booth is your #1 choice?

1. Super-Portability and Ease of setuplight, compact, sets up  FAST and easily breaks down into two smaller pieces for easy transport in a standard passenger car. No need for a truck to transport, which means less impact on the environment  less fuel costs, which we pass on to you.
2. FAST – Our lines move very quickly, due to our Super-Fast photolab quality printers, less than 20 seconds per print! (Some of our competitors take up to 60 seconds per print, and our printers can print 5 prints in the same time they can only print one!)
3. Picture Quality – High resolution CANON Digital SLR Cameras for the clearest, nicest photobooth prints possible.  You can even re-print any picture poster sized and retain clarity!  (Some of our competitors are taking your photos with a tiny webcam!)
4. More the Merrier! – Our private booths can fit groups of up to 12 people in a single picture! and our freeAIR system can easily fit 20 people in a single frame. (Some of our competitors can fit only 2 people! Our booths are made specifically for bringing the fun to your big party!)
5. Modern Design – With clean simple smooth lines, our system feels at home at even the most classiest of events.